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Here at Carbon Crew Productions is a website For Minecraft SnapShot Sneak Peak, Recommended Servers, MC Updates, MC:PE Future Updates, And more coming soon!

Here At Carbon Crew Produtions We Respect Everyone Including Gamers Like Minecraft Players.

Here We Will Have News About MC For PC,PE, And Console Versions.

Carbon Crew Productions Is Moving To A New Web Hosting Company And The Carbon Crew Is Better Than Ever With New Editions!

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MIneCraft Updates

If Wondering What Has Been Added And Fixed Click The MineCraft Updates Below For PC, PE, And Console Versions

Staff's Youtube Channel's
Check Out The Staff's Youtube Channel's Just Click Staff's Youtube Channel's Button

Minecraft In The Future

Wonder What's The Next Minecraft Update Would Look Like? -PC Version Currently

Minecraft 1.8 Is Out Check Out The Minecraft Update Page Here

Also Wonder What's The Next Minecraft PE Update Log?-PE Version Currently

Want To See What The MC:PE Team Are Adding For The Next Update?Check Out The Future Update For MC:PE, Just Click Below.

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